Hugh Martin on Guidance

Here is a portion of a letter from Hugh Martin where he speaks to the subject of decisions, God’s guidance, and the provision of grace.

I observe your question as to getting light on the path of duty. My own experience is, that if I believe a certain course to be warranted by the Word of God, I must go forward, although I have not light given me on probable issues and consequences. It under a sense of my weakness, I stipulate for light and liberty before I go forward, the Lord may withhold it, because I am not yet in the actual need of it, and would most likely abuse it if I got it. It is usually in the performance of duty, and not before it, that the Lord vouchsafes that light and strength which supports the poor weakling, and confirms him in the all-graciousness of Him “under whose wings he hath come to trust.”

In uni I one of my professors would say, “Many times, strength comes in doing.” Certainly a similar sentiment here with Hugh Martin. Walking by faith means that we often do not know the specifics or how exactly God will work, but then, if we knew ahead of time where is the need of faith? And how true, that given strength/grace ahead of time we would “likely abuse it.” God wants us to trust him and we have his promises. He is trustworthy. May we walk by faith trusting in the God of grace and Father of mercies.


One Response to “Hugh Martin on Guidance”

  1. Michael Ives Says:

    Helpful. This also reminds me of the advice to move forward in duty in order to ‘jump start’ the affections that should have been there in the first place.

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