Manasseh and Jesus

How exactly does Manasseh relate or prepare the people for Jesus? Primarily in contrasting ways. Here are a few thoughts. First, Manasseh filled the temple with idols during his reign (2 Ch 33.4-5). Conversely, Christ cleared the temple when he came (Jn 2.13-22). Secondly, Manasseh adopted the ways of his enemies and the pagan nations surrounding him (33.2). Christ, on the other hand, had the opportunity to live according to the ways of his enemies, most notably, when he was offered a new way of life by Satan in his wilderness temptations. Jesus could have had the kingdoms of the world without going to the cross if he worshipped Satan, but as God’s perfect and righteous Son he always did the Father’s will. And finally, forgiveness and salvation were offered to Manasseh even though he was at the top of the list of evil kings in Judah (2 Ch 33.12-19); even though his sins were many and didn’t deserve to be forgiven. And Christ, he sinlessly suffered for sin so that Manasseh might be forgiven. Amazing love!


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