How is Jesus better than Hezekiah?

Previously I have posted on how Jesus is better than all of the kings of Israel, which in most cases is extremely easy because so many were such poor kings. Well, what about Hezekiah, one of the best? The chronicler spends 3 chapters focusing on Hezekiah’s reforms and really what is his reinstating of the means of grace for the people of Israel. And God blesses him (2 Chronicles 31.21). But, instead of responding in humility, Hezekiah became proud. He did repent of his pride, but strangely he didn’t seem too bothered when evil times were promised for his children and those who would come after him (2 Chronicles 32.26, 2 Kings 20.16-19). So long as my days are safe, I am satisfied, he thought. He didn’t care what the later days held for his children.

Jesus, on the other hand, was willing, for himself, to see hellish days, that our later days might be glorious and blessed. Christ would take the curse during his days that we might be blessed for all our days. Christ would bear the wrath that we might be saved. Christ had great care for what the later days would hold for his children, and we was willing for his days to be dark that ours might be bright. As good as Hezekiah was, he reminds us that it is Christ we want, not him.


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