Next Year

God willing, here are the books that will accompany me through this next year.


If you are looking for a good read through the Bible system, you should find something suitable here. I am going to be using the M’Cheyne read through system. If you want to get a podcast of your read through, follow the instructions here.

For the Love of God (2 vols) by DA Carson follows M’Cheyne’s system and offers a devotional reading based on one of the chapters for that day. Contrary to many one-page devotionals, I cannot recommend this one highly enough. Your soul will be fed and you will have a theological eduction by the time you are finished with it. It is 2 volumes, so you could use it over two years.

And lastly, with many others in remembering Calvin’s 500th I’ll be making my way through the Institutes. The read through can be found here, and it gives you the weekends off as well as American holidays such as the 4th of July and Thanksgiving (my guess is I will be using those days to catch up). 

Last night at our prayer meeting we heard from Psalm 19. What a timely reminder of the benefits and worth of the word of God. Who wouldn’t want more of it. May 2009 be characterized by Psalm 1, may we delight and meditate on God’s word, as we meet Christ daily.

If you’d like a profound read on Christ’s continuing presence with us in his word, I’d recommend Hugh Martin’s The Abiding Presence (originally titled Christ’s Presence in the Gospel History).


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