The incarnation made more real

It is quite easy to sanitize the baby Jesus and somehow, probably not deliberately, not really think about him being humbled in becoming a man, more specifically, a baby in a manger. Having children, and thus babies, helps one to grasp this a bit better. But I’ve also found my 3 three old helping me to understand it  even more. Anna will often offer a bottle or her cuddle bear to the baby Jesus (in a nativity scene or found in a book). The first time I watched her do this something inside wanted to have her stop. But watching Anna do these things has further brought to life in my understanding the reality of the baby Jesus. Anna knows what a baby wants and what a baby likes to have. And Jesus was a baby. The grace of God is beyond our full finding out. For the Son to became a babe, for God to become man, and yet, how reluctant I can be to serve or be in a position of humility. May Christ be formed in me!


One Response to “The incarnation made more real”

  1. James Dolezal Says:

    Thanks for these reflections. I thought of the church father who said, “That which is not assumed cannot be redeemed.” To redeem us Christ had to become like us in the full reality of our humanity (excepting sin). How humbling.

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