Pauline sentences – part 2

From the same article, here is another Martin gem:

But, on the other hand, if we have believed on Jesus, if, as lost sinners, at length convinced that we are lost, gathering this conviction alike from God’s testimony concerning our state, and from our own growing experience of our utter helplessness in attempting to remedy or to retrieve it ourselves; if, self-condemned and self-renouncing, we have given up all idols, and all vain please and hopes, as loss and dung, and, seeking no glory to ourselves, but giving glory to God in Christ, we have embraced the firm grace of reconciliation through the alone righteousness of Christ perfected on the cross, accepted and honoured on the throne of his glory,—then , as the prize of the high calling cannot be dissociated from the calling itself, and as in God’s immeasurable mercy to us his call has not been in vain, we are bound to assure ourselves of that prize as the free and sure gift of God, resting securely fro us on that very purchase and righteousness of Christ on which we rest secure for it, the purchased inheritance of the redeemed of the Lord.

I’m somewhat tempted to include some sentences of my own in the spirit of Martin in my thesis. Perhaps that will help the man be truly represented. Though, I’m not sure how the reader will find it.


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