Hugh Martin and pauline sentences

Hugh Martin has some pauline qualities about him. Today and tomorrow I want to post two quotes of his that I feel have but a substantive pauline quality, and a stylistic pauline quality, in that Hugh Martin’s sentence is extremely long (thinking of Ephesians 1.2-6 being only 1 sentence). Here’s the first, speaking of Paul:

If he will resign all other pleas and pretensions—if he, who once showed himself before God standing proudly on his own footing, will now hide himself before God under another, and be accepted only through another’s merit, while he himself is out of sight—if a change so great, a self-renunciation so profound, a hiding in Christ so humiliating, a self-condemnation so thorough, and an honouring of Christ so great, as to trust unto him all his salvation and receive him as all his desire—if this can be, then Saul of Tarsus passes from the rank of enemies to that of friends; passes from condemnation to justification of life; passes from the character and condition of a criminal before God reprieved to the day of execution, to the character and condition of a friend and child beloved, set apart for the favour and the glory of the Lord.


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