Black Friday Treats

Here are a few things you might want to check out today or tomorrow.

An extra 20% off selected books at Westminster Bookstore (including a number of children’s titles).

25% off most everything at Backcountry – if what you want is not on sale, use 3PU-1-R38LT to get 20% off (they will give you whichever is the better discount).

An additional 10% off (already low prices) at Solid Ground Books.

For the Mac users out there, give good food 2 your mac. Here you get 20% off if you buy 3 items, 40% off if you buy 4 items, and 50% off if you buy 5 items (some apps are hundreds of dollars, so you could get massive savings, though you’d have to spend more to save more).

Almost every title under $10 at

And lastly, in case you were wondering, what was my own personal black friday treat? I uncovered a bumper crop of Hugh Martin (1822-85) articles today at New College Library (5p per copy, and it’s well worth it). This is immensely exciting, but also means lots more reading. Read anything you can by Martin, that’s my advice. He takes you into the heavenlies and sets a wondrous Saviour high in your affections and thoughts. Good stuff.


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