King Ahaz – Grace in the face of Evil

In a previous post I mentioned how Christ was better than all of the kings of Judah.

To add to the list as we are making our way through 2 Chronicles the next few are:

Uzziah – his pride caused him to act out of bounds to his proper God-given role and he tried to burn incense taking the role of a priest
Jesus – always fulfilled the role that God had given him glorifying the Father and doing the works of the Father

Jotham – would not go into the temple of God
Jesus – is the new temple of God

Last night I heard a sermon on King Ahaz (2 Chron 28). There was something that was almost unbelievable that was brought to our attention. Of all the kings of Judah, Ahaz was one of the worst (child sacrifice, idolatry, etc.). In 2 Chron 28.24 we read that he shut the doors to the temple, in a very real way saying ‘God, I will not go into your place.’ And yet, in Isaiah 7.14, it is to Ahaz that the prophecy is given of the coming of Immanuel, where God says to Ahaz (and us), ‘You will not go into my place, but I will come into your place.’ Grace in the face of evil. The promise of God to come into our place because we would not, and could not, go into his place.

As we shortly enter into our remembrances of the coming of Christ, God with us, may we remember the grace of God in the face of evil.


2 Responses to “King Ahaz – Grace in the face of Evil”

  1. Mom Bell Says:

    Wow. Thanks for this awesome picture. It takes my breath away.

  2. How is Jesus better than Hezekiah? « knoxville Says:

    […] is Jesus better than Hezekiah? By luehrmann Previously I have posted on how Jesus is better than all of the kings of Israel, which in most cases is extremely easy […]

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