Christmas albums

This post and the next are going to deal with some music related items. Here I’d like to mention some of my favourite christmas music albums. 

[To my knowledge, everything mentioned here is available at iTunes]

We love listening to christmas music in our home. In some sense, it’d be great to listen to them all year round because of the great focus on Christ that they bring. I think it is more of a music genre that relegates them to December as opposed to the actual content. Anyhow, here of some, in my estimation, of the best.

Behold the Lamb – Andrew Peterson


This is a wonderful ‘story’ album. It should be listened to in order, and preferably all at once. It is the story of the bible, which is the story of Christ. Musically it is superb, there are a few special guests, and it is Christ-honouring. You can find the music at iTunes, a live DVD of the album being performed here, and there is even a book of ‘The Ballad of Matthew’s Begats’ (which Anna quite enjoys).

Next to Peterson’s album of original songs (in that they are written by the artist performing them, as opposed to tradition songs made original in a musical sense) is the fabulous album done by Sovereign Grace called Savior. This is a truly fantastic collection of songs exalting Christ. What a treat!

Probably my single favourite album, if I had to choose one, would be Bebo Norman’s Christmas from the Realms of Glory


Here is my review from iTunes:


If you click on the picture it will be big enough to read:)

A new album this year is from the hands of Fernando Ortega. Anything by him is worth having. To be fair, I expected a bit more from his christmas album, but it is still a fantastic album.


Another favourite, but sady, I don’t think you can get it anymore, is Noel. It is original. A similar album came out a number of years back called City on a Hill – It’s Christmas Time. This one has a number of the same songs, but the first album was better.

A classic, and another album you need to listen to in order, is Michael W. Smith’s Christmas. I’ve haven’t heard his newer christmas albums (Christmastime, It’s a Wonderful Christmas), but this one is superb.

Jars of Clay have a christmas album that came out last year. It doesn’t have the normal christmas feel to it as most others would. Probably the most helpful review I read said to think of it as a new Jars of Clay album, as opposed to a new christmas album. Reading that made me like it more.

Hang in there, we’re almost done.

Some good instrumental stuff:

Trace Bundy – O Night Divine, A Few Songs for Christmas

George Winston – December

Some good classical stuff:

My favourite song – ‘The Wexford Carol’ found on Yo-Yo Ma’s Songs of Joy & Peace.

There are a few albums of John Rutter Carols sung with the Cambridge Singers, which are all fantastic.

Next time I hope to give a few ideas in regards to hymns. Enjoy!


One Response to “Christmas albums”

  1. Eric Dickey Says:

    I came across your website from another blog I read and the link he had was for this posting. I have to say I listened to Behold the Lamb by Andrew Peterson and this has to be one of the best albums I have heard in years. Thanks for putting up the review. I plan on reviewing it as well on my blog, and will post a link back to you for this post.


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