Hugh Martin on Union with Christ in his death

In this manifold communion with Christ the first and leading element is communion with him in his death, in his cross. And the reason is that it was by his death that he obtained for us that promise and gift of the Spirit whereby we are united to him and made a new creature in him, called unto his communion or fellowship…But if it be directly and immediately for and by the cross that the Spirit of Christ cometh to you, then the immediate and first and central communion that you have with Christ is in his cross: ye are crucified with Christ. The cross is yours. His perfect propitiatory sacrifice in all its merit is yours. You are sanctified, cleansed, dedicated unto God, offered up and acceptable unto him by the offering of the body of Christ once for all.

From Christ for Us in a sermon entitled ‘Crucified with Christ.’

Yet another reason why a view of the atonement void of penal substitution and propitiation removes the power of the cross and leaves sinners in their sins. Without it, we cannot be united to Christ, and if we are outside of Christ we are doomed.


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