Augustine gold mine, and he never looked better


One of the joys of living in Edinburgh is a fairly large concentration of used book shops in the city and nearby areas (it can also be a stumbling block for some). Over the last few months I happened upon two different rich deposits of Augustine. The first was much more economical, but not as pretty or long-lasting (I feel I should mention that after a bit of haggling I did manage 50% off the more robust find). It was his six volumes on the Psalms. If you have the church fathers edition, it is edited and contains only about 20-25% of the original material.

The second find was a complete set of the works of Augustine bound in 3/4 leather bindings and in exceptional condition. These were published by T & T Clark in the late 19th century. I have rarely seen all 15 volumes together, and certainly not in this presentation. They were bound by Blackie and Son. If you are at all familiar with binders of the 19th century (which you probably aren’t, with good reason) Blackie and Son were some of the best. If you run across an old leather bound volume that is in good shape, it very likely may be bound by Blackie and Son. Maybe a better way to say it is, if you run across something bound by Blackie and Son it will be in good shape, unless the owner was like a few guys I knew in seminary who would cause the books on your desk to quake with fear when they walked by.

Here are some pics of the volumes (I don’t quite have the skill of a number of bloggers who take stellar pictures of books, but I took them like I did). I’m looking forward to digging in to a number of them next year. For now, it’s Hugh Martin for me.


4 Responses to “Augustine gold mine, and he never looked better”

  1. Mom Says:

    These volumes look and sound like treasures! Definitely not elitist. Does this mean you would prefer cash in your Christmas stocking? Tee Hee! Love you much.

  2. Mom Bell Says:

    To avoid confusion, the last comment was from me!

  3. James Dolezal Says:

    Beautiful volumes! Has Emily approved this purchase?

  4. luehrmann Says:

    Thankfully, it did come with the blessing of Emily. What a woman!:)

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