The end of ‘Why?’ and common grace

As I was preparing our pizza yesterday (Monday is pizza night at the Luehrmann home), our daughter Anna was helping put the cheese on. While helping she entered into, what is now quite common, one of her ‘Why?’ interrogations. 

Anna – Why are we putting the cheese on top?

Papa – Because when it melts it helps everything stick together and not fall off the pizza.

Anna – Why does it help everything stick together?

Papa – Because it gets stretchy and sticky when it melts.

Anna – Why does it get stretchy and sticky when it melts?

Papa – Because that is the way God made it.

Anna – Why did God make it that way?

Papa – I don’t know,  you’ll have to ask him.

Anna (looking up at the ceiling) – God, why did you make cheese this way?

I think she may have to wait on that one. But perhaps a good answer is because God wanted us to enjoy melted cheese on pizza. Common grace to all men and women – melted cheese on the tops of our pizza.


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