War and significant actions

In the midst of numerous conflicts all over the world, and a financial conflict worldwide I find the following quotes helpful for perspective and realising the significant role that parents play, though in today’s world it is virtually ignored.

The first is by Abraham Kuyper. He writes, “If once the curtain were pulled back, and the spiritual world behind it came to view, it would expose to our spiritual vision a struggle so intense, so convulsive, sweeping everything within its range, that the fiercest battle fought on earth would seem, by comparison, a mere game. Not here, but up there – that is where the real conflict is engaged. Our earthly struggle drones in its backlash.” In light of the picture we have available to us of war today, this is striking, and yet, how often am i thinking of this battle and my role in it and my desperate need of God to engage in it?

The second quote gives one answer to this question of my involvement and engagement in this war. In it the author has just finished giving the great ancestral line of pedigree for the two men who are the subjects of the book (the Haldane brothers), which is a royal and lofty ancestry, but he makes a striking comment about their mother. He writes, “The quality or exploits of a remote ancestry belong to the passing things of time, and are bubbles on its rapid stream, rolling down into the gulphs of oblivion. But the character, the instructions, the example, and the prayers of Christian parents belong to the things that are immortal, on which God himself has been often pleased to suspend the destinies of children.” Part of my role, my assignment, in this cosmic battle is to be a faithful parent in seeking to raise up the next generation of godly men and women for Christ. And prayer is primary here because without God’s intervention I would/will not be a faithful father, nor would any of our children trust him for salvation. May our lives build with immortal bricks, whether or not they are seen here and now.


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