Where is Christ?

At our church we are working through 2 Chronicles on Sunday evenings. It is the long sad story of the people waiting for the promised one, the king from the line of David, who is the Son of God, the prophet like Moses, being a priest after Melchizedek. As we’ve been going from king to king I’ve been trying to think about how the kings either contrast Christ, or in some way give a shadow of what is to come. Surely the longing for Christ among the true Israelites of the time must have been growing more and more intense as they witnessed repeated failure after failure. Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

Solomon – 2 Chr 1.14 – he had many horses (see Deut 17.14-17)
Christ – Mt 21.1-6 – he came seated on a donkey

Rehoboam – 2 Chr 10.12-14 – ‘My father made your yoke heavy, I will add to it’
Christ – Mt 11.25-30 – ‘My yoke is easy and light’

Abijah – appeals to God’s promises for personal safety, but he is a religious hypocrite who doesn’t care about God
Christ – abandons personal safety for the glory of God

Asa – he went from riches to rags
Christ – he went from riches to rags (2 Cor 8.9)

Jehoshaphat – bedfellows with the ungodly to gain personal safety
Christ – did not entrust himself to man b/c he knew what was in him

Jehoram – 2 Chr 21.4, 13 – put his brothers and ‘men who were better then him’ to death
Christ – saved (gave life to) his enemies and men who were worse than him so that they might be called his brothers

Ahaziah – listened to the world’s counsel instead of God’s word and will
Christ – obeyed the father even with some pretty attractive offers from the world

Athaliah – sought to destroy the royal family
Christ – gave his life to create a royal family

Joash – forsook godly counsel killing God’s messenger instead of listening to him
Christ – was God’s messenger giving God’s message and was killed for it

Next Sunday I get to preach on Amaziah who started well, but didn’t persevere. And Christ (praise the Lord!) endured to the end.


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