Do vs. Done

I ran across a refreshing quote from Martyn Lloyd-Jones, quoted in Iain Murray’s Messenger of Grace, from a sermon on Genesis 32.24 (April 27, 1947) contrasting what so many are told to do to be a Christian instead of being told what’s been done.

The preaching of the gospel is not meant to be an appeal to men and women to do something that will make them Christian–it is an announcement, a proclamation to them about something that God has done and that will make them a Christian.

If we we move on to the issue of assurance this is a massively important distinction. Does my assurance rest in what I do or what Christ has done? One of these gives true assurance and the other anxiety and uncertainty. Surely the basis of our assurance should be no different than the basis of our salvation.


One Response to “Do vs. Done”

  1. Emily Says:

    Great quote…SOO thankful for for Jesus has done! Loving the focus of your posts:)

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