Hugh Martin – Cross-centred

Over the last year or so I’ve been working on a thesis in relation to Hugh Martin and the doctrine of the atonement. It has been rich. Truly he is an overlooked gem for today’s church. If you want your soul blessed, read Hugh Martin. Much of his stuff is still in print, and all of it is excellent. Probably the two easiest to find are Christ for Us and The Shadow of Calvary. Much more could be said about him, but I won’t do that now. To whet your appetite, here is a quote from a sermon entitled Heart Plagues Cured where Martin links the power and means of sanctification to the cross, echoing Walter Marshall in some respects. 

Finally, I must again ask your attention to what was briefly noticed in the former discourse, namely that it is by a believing use of the cross that you are to slay your corruptions or cure your heart plagues. In proportion as you wander in spirit from the cross your plagues and besetting sins will revive. Your right and adequate return to the cross weakens and mortifies and kills them. All sanctification is from participating in the power of the cross. It is from communion in the death and resurrection of Christ. It is by being made conformable unto his death. If the body of sin is to be destroyed and you are not henceforth to serve sin, your old man must be crucified with Christ. You must be baptized into his death. You must make his death your own. You must drink the cup which he drank of and be baptized with the baptism wherewith he was baptized. Humiliation and holiness can be found by a sinner nowhere but the cross. And they cannot be carried away from the cross. You must make the cross itself yours if you are to make humiliation and holiness yours. He gave himself that he might redeem you from all iniquity. He loved you and gave himself for you that he might cleanse you with the washing of water by the word . . . All efforts after holiness and holy self-control apart from the cross will issue in proud self-righteousness or in a paralysing sense of failure. Ah! how very much the most advanced among us needs to search the treasures, not of peace only, but of sanctifying power with which the cross is replete!


3 Responses to “Hugh Martin – Cross-centred”

  1. Emily Says:

    WOW! This so echoes what we’ve talked about on various occasions. Those books that leave out the cross consequently leave out the real source of power in our Christian lives. May this be what we pass to our children and those in our ministry!

  2. TimWitten Says:

    Thank you for the above blog entry. Blessings!

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