Two Kingdoms, two counsels

This last week I saw two rather converse articles. The first is by a friend of mine who is a pastor in South Africa. You can read it here. The second is by some good intentioned, I’m sure, folks. Read it here.

I read in The Briefing this week an article suggesting that God’s strategy is based on people (which the author defends and supports biblically and successfully). I would suggest that the first article is in line with that, and the second article would, I assume, have a focus on the earth, the inanimate, instead. Classic Romans 1 really. Ignoring the value of humans as made in the image of God, and exalting the creation to the place of God.

Anyhow, I thought reading the two articles about a day apart was interesting and enlightening. What will consume our energies, the eternal or the temporary?


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